TruMe Test: TruAge Index


To determine the true biological age, epigenetics approach is proven to be the most precise. Until recently, epigenetic testing was conducted only by research institutions due to high costs and very invasive sample collection procedure.

TruMe has developed the first-ever direct to consumer epigenetic test (TruAge Index) with the super easy sample collection procedure.

Now anyone can submit their DNA for analysis to determine how old their body is and receive a recommendation on how to reverse or slow down aging.


Three simple steps


No blood and needles involved.

All from the comfort of your home.

Just a small sample of your saliva is all we need!


Step 1: Enter Your Info

Fill out the simple form which includes contact information, payment information and answers to a small survey of questions to ensure that TruMe can prepare a tailored guide for your ultimate health. 

Your at home kit will arrive in 3-5 days.

Step 2: Mail Us Your Sample

Follow kit instructions to spit on the filter paper provided all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Allow your saliva to dry and mail it back to us in the pre-paid envelope.

Step 3: Get Your Results

We mail you your TruAge results in 1 to 2 weeks after we receive your sample. We recommend repeating the TruAge test 1-2 times a year to monitor your true biological age and the rate of aging. 

What is in the box?

How do your DNA samples become a report?

Saliva samples are collected directly into DNA stabilizing solution to avoid degradation. When we receive it in the lab, our experienced stuff isolates and process genomic DNA from your saliva. Your genomic regions of interest were amplified and sequenced to determine the level of modification of your DNA. Finally, the TruAge Index is calculated using TruMe algorithm to determine your true biological age. Track your TruAge Index results over time (we recommend to repeat the test every 4-6 month) to monitor your vitality. 

Here is a sample report, please let us know if you have any questions!


Is your lab CLIA certified?

No. TruAge test is a research study. The protocols we use are suitable for genetic research only, not for clinical genetic testing like you would receive at a hospital or doctor's office. Clinical genetic testing is held to higher standards and is done in laboratories, which are certified by governmental regulations called CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments). If you use the TruAge data for diagnostic purposes, you should always contact the doctor and have the results confirmed by tests recommended by medical professional.

How accurate are my results?

The technology we use measures your DNA methylation at only a tiny fraction of the billions of nucleotides (the components that make up your DNA) and are subject to statistical error. Based on our studies, we have approximately 4.75 years error rate. If you see what you think is an error, please feel free to contact us. Also, keep in mind that these are initial results. As people continue to join we will continue to update and improve your testing accuracy.

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